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Brian is a well-regarded Holistic Management educator. Passionate about the environment from an early age, he attended an introductory course in 1995 and was bowled over with the results he obtained through managing holistically.
As a certified Holistic Management educator, Brian has shared his passion and knowledge with many businesses, land managers, families, environmental groups and pastoralists, with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Brian has trained and consulted in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Zimbabwe. His belief and passion allow him to create an atmosphere of trust within a group, allowing participants to actively contribute towards positive outcomes. In addition, he has hands on experience, crop farming in Central Africa, working as a pasture and cattle manager in South West Queensland and managing a mixed-species property in New South Wales. He is motivated by seeing the positive change that Holistic Management can bring to people’s lives and livelihoods.
Brian is a board member of Holistic Management International and The Australian Holistic Management Co-operative



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Glen has been working in regenerative farming for over 20 years and is an accredited Holistic Management Field Professional with the Savory Institute. As well as having worked with leading consulting firms as a trainer and facilitator, he has travelled internationally researching regenerative farming practices and brings this knowledge and his varied strategic business management experience to helping you. Along with training, educating and sharing his passion for regenerative agriculture, he and his wife run a farm near Armidale on the Northern Tablelands of NSW, applying the principles themselves.
Glen offers a service producing detailed contour maps for creating land plans for Australian properties.


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Saxon was raised on Macadamia Farms in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. Saxon has many years of experience in food plant production-horticulture, and landscape design before transitioning into the beef industry and working on regenerative properties. He aims to educate and support primary producers in the Northern Rivers to transition into managing holistically to regenerate their land and the community. 


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Mark has extensive agricultural experience across a number of agricultural industries. He facilitates groups and family businesses to improve profitability, wellbeing and sustainability. He also organises and conducts business management and natural resource management education programs using Holistic Management. Additionally, Mark is a trained business coach for individual farm families and uses this to help them improve business performance. Mark is also interested in new ways of Succession Planning and creating family farm of the future. Mark is a Board Member of a range of local Community Groups.


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Darren has been fortunate enough to be mentored by some of Australia’s most experienced Holistic Management Educators and brings a broad range of perspectives to his practice as a result. Accredited as a Savory Institute Field Professional, Darren has a love of rural Australia and its communities as well as a passion for biodiversity and its conservation. It was this enthusiasm that led him to first study Holistic Management. He owns Widden Brook Farms in partnership with his wife and has managed it, and a leased property, holistically since 2013. Darren has been a freelance writer and media trainer since 2002.    


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Ian is the owner manager of a 400 ha grazing property in Central Western NSW. Ian has worked at TAFE NSW, teaching rural business management as well as developing the college curriculum. He has practiced Holistic Management since 2006 and has trained with American, Australian and South African educators.
Ian is a board member of  Land to Market Australia.



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Tony is committed to improve landscape management, better financial management of farms and creating vibrant rural communities.  Tony has been privileged to be mentored by some of Australia’s top Holistic Management Educators and is an accredited Field Professional - Commercial with the Savory Institute.  He is joint owner of Illalangi Farm.  He founded Capital Hill Consulting in 2000 and is accredited as an instructor and assessor with the NSW Rural Fire Service.
Tony is the Executive Chair of the board of  The Australian Holistic Management Co-operative


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Craig, the Principal of Accountable Agriculture Australia, is a Savory Institute accredited Field Professional. Accountable Agriculture runs a 'Fundamentals of Holistic Management Education' course on-farm at Tallawang, targeted at engaging participants with an immersive on farm educational experience.
The home property, Tallawang, was a foundation case study in the 2012 Soils for Life publication and has been managed using Holistic Management principles since 2001. 
Craig’s work has been recognised with a National Carbon Cocky award n addition to the 2019 North West Landcare Runner up Champion and the 2019 NSW Landcare Champion in Innovative Farming.
With engaging and ground truthed presentation skills, Craig is also available for external training and conference or workshop presentations.


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Ru is an urban woman who has interpreted Holistic Management for urban lawns, shifting her lawn from a 2 species patchy lawn to a lush lawn of over 28 species with no more bare patches.
Ru was struck by Alan Savory's textbook, recommended by a farming cousin; it all made sense and  moved her from a sense of doom over the state of the world, to a state of hope and excitement. She has gone on to study Holistic Management under Brian Wehlburg, becoming an Associate Educator and is currently at SCU studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Regenerative Agriculture.
She is committed to improving landscape function and biodiversity in the cities, suburbs and peri-urban areas through the education of small landholders on their power as members of the natural world. Ru hopes to connect people with cutting edge regenerative farmers and scientists who are leading the way to health, both planetary and human. She believes we all are contributing either services or disservices to the ecosystem, teaching how to recognise which we are, and what to do about it.


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Trish graduated as an Environmental Scientist majoring in Ecology andworked in State Government Landcare and Biodiversity Conservation roles for over 15 years where she developed a growing interest in looking at the landscape as a whole and understanding that to have a meaningful impact on restoring biodiversity we needed to be reviving ecosystem functioning at a landscape level.
As an Educator, she plans to continue to focus on working with small-scale farmers and lifestyle properties in South-Eastern Australia. She is also on the National Committee for Young Farmers Connect, an organisation dedicated to providing pathways and opportunities for new, young, and aspiring farmers. 

Trish undertakes farm-scale Natural Capital Accounting reports for small farms and assists farmers in developing and putting into practice Holistic Grazing Plans. 





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Helen draws on her extensive decision making and policy making experience to facilitate better decision making and polices that consider people, the environment and longer-term prosperity.  The variety of settings Helen has contributed include: community groups, organisational management, family farm businesses and individuals’ life decisions. Some of Helen’s decision and policy work includes lobbying for the Outback Way, Australia’s longest shortcut and redesigning reactive drought policy to the proactive Ag Business Cycle now funded by the Queensland Government. Helen has also worked as a Ministerial policy adviser. 
Helen offers decision design and policy design courses and mentoring both face-to-face and via zoom as well as self-paced, supported online courses for decision makers, policy makers and personal decision making.
Helen is in her element when she can help people make better decisions, enabling them to live their values every day and enabling organisations to align their strategy, actions and ESG implementation with their values.
Helen is using these skills and experience in her role as CEO of the Holistic Management Co-operative  and is managing holistically on her family property.



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Since 2005 Jason has been delivering Holistic Grazing and Financial Planning in Central and Southern Queensland and Northern NSW.  Personal experience in managing cattle on small areas has given him empathy and driven him to assist other farmers and land managers in learning  how Holistic Management can help people to achieve their dreams on small land holdings.


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Scott Robinson is dedicated to Holistic Management, Regenerative farming and land care.
With over 25 years of creative design experience, he offers site specific solutions for individual properties. He is guided by the principals of his qualifications in Holistic Management, Permaculture, Sustainable Agriculture, Turf Green keeping and Small Business management. Adding an abundance of study and multiple applications incorporating common sense, Yeomans Keyline Planning, Natural Sequence Farming, Mixed Native plantations and natural animal care, offering you maximum diversity above and below the soil surface.



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Graeme has managed a beef property as well as working as an industrial chemist, international marketer, meat industry consultant and farm consultant to many family and corporate farmers. He has a special interest in working with family farms to create profitable, regenerative farm businesses which are enjoyable to work. Graeme is the CEO of STIPA Native Grass Association. 




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With a lifelong passion for sustainability and the environment, Justin brings a unique perspective to Holistic Management from a background in electronics and software engineering.  He has been managing complexity for 35 years,  directs an Agile software company, LandTrack Systems, and sees Holistic Management as “Agile for Land Carers”. Justin is also interested in Permaculture, Keyline and Natural Sequence farming.
Justin’s passion is using appropriate technology to advance regenerative practices, and is currently looking to apply Virtual Fencing as a critical enabler for Planned Grazing.  


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Louis Verheggen worked for many years as a Petroleum Engineer around the world. Louis and his wife Anne purchased “Wandoo Springs” in Trigwell, Western Australia in 1998. At that time, the property was under bluegums and it was purchased as a passive investment. Over the years Louis has developed a great love of soil and the process of growing healthy soil. This has taken him on a journey of discovery - exploring and implementing biodynamics, worm farming, holistic grazing management and regenerative agricultural practices. He has undertaken educational trips to the US, Europe and many parts of Australia, completed courses and attended many seminars and conferences. The bluegums are now gone and the farm is run as a holistic grazing operation. Louis is focused on improving the health of the soil, the plants and the animals, the vibrancy of the waterways and the diversity of species in the bushland and pastures. Louis is a full-time custodian of the lands of Wandoo Springs and his mission is to leave a thriving environment for future generations.
The property is being registered as a carbon sequestration project and Louis plans to open it up to visitors interested in holistic management. He also plans to provide on-farm consulting services.



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John King is the Director of Succession. He was raised at The Bend, a sheep, cattle, and cropping property near Winton, Southland. Extended family still own or manage properties in Southland. John's passions are education, environment, and entrepreneurship and he helps farmers, their families, and other professionals find opportunity within existing circumstances by challenging their understanding of business and environment, particularly for low input farming.


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Dr Hugh Jellie is the Founder and Chief Executive of Āta Regenerative. He is passionate about agriculture and the environment.
He is a Savory Institute accredited Field Professional, Educator and Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) Hub Verifier. As the New Zealand Savory Hub he provides training in Holistic Management - working to help people understand and apply the principles of ‘regenerative’ and to help bring about policy change for better environmental, societal and economic health.
Years of global research have left Hugh confident of the benefits regenerative agriculture can bring to New Zealand farmers.
During his long career as a Veterinarian he experienced the downside of intensive agriculture up close in many regions in the world and has witnessed the negative impact it has on the communities reliant on having a healthy ecological system to protect and support them. The quest for more and more production has compromised New Zealand’s clean, green status. Āta Regenerative is his way of doing something about this problem.


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