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November2016 - 12 Educators bringing Holistic Management
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"Igniting a consumer revolution" 


Dubbo, NSW
5 November 2016

An opportunity to connect with Holistic Management practitioners, farmers, land managers and land carers who desire to regenerate the ecology that sustains and socially combines our country. An event where we can learn and collaborate on solutions to some of the world's biggest challenges.


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Holistic Management International Open Gate day happening in Burragate NSW on 1 June 2015


New 2015 PBS / National Geographic documentary, EARTH - A NEW WILD: PLAINS features Allan Savory

Allan Savory discusses Holistic Management's role in saving our plains. Allan Savory A New Wild PBS

Australia the only country in the world to run a Government recognised Holistic Management training programme

The Australian Holistic Management Educators teach Holistic Management in venues throughout New South Wales through TAFE Western

Feed back from Allan Savory's Australian Tour

Allan Savory's Australian Tour struck a chord with many people who attended one of the tour events. Here are a couple of links of interest.

http://handtoground.net/2013/08/19/an-evening-with-allan-savory/ on the Hand to Ground website

http://www.abc.net.au/landline/content/2013/s3822642.htm - theABC Landline interview which was broadcast on 10 August 2013


Using Cows to Save the Planet

He has spent 50 years working on ideas that have won international prizes, and the online video of his recent TED talk has garnered 1.7 million views - but when Allan Savory visits Australia next month, he will be all but anonymous.
That's partly because Mr Savory's obsession is the world's vast grasslands, which make up 60 per cent of the planet's landmass but tend to be far from urban hubub. It is also because until recently, his provocative concepts were routinely dismissed. Now, the former African game ranger, guerilla fighter and rancher is gaining traction with his idea that strategically managed herds of livestock are humanity's best chance of stopping and reversing the desertification of grasslands - and at the same time, make a substantial contribution to the halting of climate change. This concept, and how his ideas have been implemented across the world, will be discussed by Mr Savory in a series of talks including a major conference at Orange, NSW, on August 6. Mr Savory linked desertification directly to climate change in his TED talk, pointing out that a substantial percentage of atmospheric carbon comes from degraded soil. And he shows how counter-intuitively, the process of carbon loss from soils can be reversed into net carbon gain by using cattle, or other livestock.
As a young game ranger in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) Mr Savory hated livestock, regarding them as the primary cause of degradation in Africa's bush. And he loved elephants. In a cruel twist, he had to recommend the culling of 40,000 elephants in the belief it would halt environmental degradation. But with the elephants gone, the degradation continued. That set Mr Savory off on an investigation that in 2010 earned him the $100,000 Buckminster Fuller Challenge for solutions to intractable problems. Areas of the African savannah that carry great herd migrations are some of the healthiest grasslands on the planet. On the savannah, Mr Savory observed, herds are bunched together by circling predators. Animals dung and urinate in a mass, fertilising the soil, and their hooves trample standing grass into the soil as mulch. After they move on, they don't return for months – giving the grasses their required time for recovery to full growth – and stimulating (particularly) the mineral cycle so that growth occurs stronger than before. On managed grazing lands, livestock are allowed to run relatively sparsely, repeatedly chewing at palatable plants until they are too exhausted to regrow. This results in bare ground - the process of desertification - or allows unpalatable plants to take over. Where rangelands have been locked up, grass grows - but without the trampling of hooves, the grass material eventually withers and oxidises without feeding the soil, again starting the inevitable process of desertification. Mr Savory developed a system of planned grazing that mimics the conditions of the savannah, and which has been used with great success on four continents, including Australia. He also realised that grazing is merely a tool: the ultimate cause of desertification is how people make their decisions about utilising this tool.
Mr Savory developed a process called Holistic Management, which takes into account social, economic and environmental factors when making decisions. He recently used the process to work with 35 lawmakers from Zimbabwe's bitterly fractured Parliament. The result, he said, "soared above politics" - but further progress will have to wait until the upcoming Zimbabwe elections. In early August, Allan Savory will be in Australia to discuss his ideas at Orange, Dubbo and Byron Bay, NSW; Warwick, QLD, and Mataranka, NT.
For more information: Paul Griffiths - Certified Educator of Allan Savory’s Holistic Management™ - 02 9144 3975; paul@reasontospeak.com

Allan Savory in Australia in August 2013

We are pleased to be able to welcome Allan Savory, the Founder of Holistic Management to Australia in August 2103.

The highlight of this tour will be the

Saturday 3 August 2013 Walk in the Paddock with Allan Savory WARWICK, QLD

Sunday 4 August 2013 Walk in the Paddock with Allan Savory BYRON BAY, NSW

Tuesday 6 August 2013 Holistic Management Conference ORANGE, NSW

Friday 9 August 2013 Holistic Management Master Class DUBBO, NSW

Tuesday 13 August 2013 A day with Allan Savory MATARANKA,NT

Wednesday 14 August 2013 An evening with Allan Savory

Thursday 15 August 2013 Introduction to Holistic Management BRISBANE, QLD

Friday 16 August 2013 An evening with Allan Savory SYDNEY, NSW

Saturday 17 August 2013 Introduction to Holistic Management SYDNEY, NSW

Saturday 17 August 2013 An evening with Allan Savory MELBOURNE, VIC

Sunday 18 August 2013 Introduction to Holistic Management MELBOURNE, VIC

Farewell to George

Sadly, we report the passing of Holistic Management Educator, George Gundry on Sunday 5 May 2013 after battling cancer for months. George was a true gentleman and was passionate about the implementation of Holistic Management on his property, "Willeroo".

An article in 'The Land' talks of George's relationship with Holistic Management.

"Mr Gundry was uneasy about claiming to have found answers to the challenges that preoccupy farmers, but at the same time he felt that he really had found some valuable ways of thinking and working.

During the last few years of his life, he overcame his qualms and become a highly-regarded teacher of the ideas that had turned around his own life and land.

For instance, he told The Land in 2009, “A drought is a drought, but the really negative effects usually come about through a drought of decisions.”

He believed that the greatest gift the holistic management process had given him was trust in his own judgement.

“It gives you the confidence to step forward knowing that you’ve arrived at a conclusion that is right for you—even if it isn’t right for someone else,” he said.

“In this game you can never get comfortable because nature is throwing something new at you all the time. But you can stay fluid and ride through those changes if you have a process that you can trust for making the decisions you need to make

George will be greatly missed by the Holistic Management Community. Condolences to Erica and family.

Allan Savory receives a standing ovation for his TED2013 talk - February 2013

In his TED2013 talk, Allan Savory reviews the devastating effects of desertification on the earth and our civilizations and the consistent failure of current approaches to stop desertification. He shows dramatic examples of how livestock are the best (and only) tool that can permanently reverse these processes.

Holistic Management Educators meet with HRH Prince Charles

On Friday 9 November 2012, three Australian Holistic Management Educators together with Daniela Ibarra-Howell from the Savory Institute and Holistic Management practitioners from all over Australia met with HRH Prince of Wales to discuss the adoption of Holsitic Management principles globally. Prince Charles had previously met with Allan Savory, Holistic Management's founder and has embraced the HM philosophy, understanding the important part it can play in an environmental and future global context.

Farewell to Bruce

Very sad news to report that Holistic Management Educator, Bruce Ward passed away on the morning of September 24th 2012 after a battle with cancer. Bruce was one of the first people to teach Holistic Management in Australia. He delivered Holistic Management training programs to over 2500 people and was a mentor and friend to many families on the land both in Australia and New Zealand. His wisdom and friendship will be missed by all the Holistic Management Educators.
Condolences to Suzie and family.


A few words from The Carbon Coalition Against Global Warming honouring Bruce 

Bruce Ward, hero

Bruce Ward introduced us to Holistic Management and the methods of Allan Savory. He changed the lives of many people, far more than the 2500 he personally trained. He was passionate and forthright. I saw him rip into an academic or agronomist or extension officer at one of our soil science summits who trotted out the now discredited factoid that methane from cattle was the big problem with Global Warming, and that reducing stock numbers and sowing the rangelands down to soy beans was the solution. It wasn't the animals, he said, but the way they were managed. Bruce was a visionary. He was one of the first to move on soil carbon after we returned from the US in 2006 when we met Prof. Rattan Lal. Bruce felt the urgency. In 2007 he co-founded Soil Carbon (Australia) Pty Limited, a company dedicated to building awareness around the vital relationship between soil carbon, soil health and land management, specifically regarding grazing management. He and Tony Lovell blew the loudest horns as we marched around the walls of Jerico. Bruce was a social revolutionary in many ways, liberating farmers from outmoded ideas that degrade the natural capital on which civilised society depends and giving hope to those who feel trapped in the vortex. He will be remembered as a leader for the times. Comes the times, comes the man.

Allan Savory presents at TED2013 Talent Search

Watch Allan Savory talk on the resucitation of dying land at the TED2013 Talent Search. There is an opportunity to comment, seeing Allan through to TED2013

Savory Institute a finalist in the Virgin Earth Challenge
 The Virgin Earth Challenge is a competition offering a $25 million prize for whoever can demonstrate a commercially viable design which results in the permanent removal of greenhouse gases from the Earth’s atmosphere.
Among more than 2600 applications, 11 finalists were announced on November 2, 2011. These included The Savory Institute

2011 Savory awards

The 2011 Holistic Management conference hosted by Manning Valley Holistic Management Inc., supported by
Inside Outside Management  was a resounding success and was culminated by the presentation of the 2011 Savory awards, presented to recipients who have been outstanding in their practice and promotion of Holistic Management. Australia's Holistic Management educators would like to congratulate the winners - Alison Allan and Lyn Booth of Manning Landcare, Norm Smith, NSW 2011 Farmer of the Year and Jools Brady and Felicity Carter who utilise Holistic Management prinicples to envigorate their property and their community.

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